$20 “You Matter” or “I Matter” stamped token bracelet with coated poly or hemp cord closure



This listing is for a single bracelet for customization.  Show your support for your friends by letting them know that they matter.  These tokens are hand stamped with your choice of “YOU MATTER” or “I MATTER”.  There’s a choice of a brass or aluminum token.  The letters in the word MATTER has been filled with red, black and green enamel paint, a nod to PanAfricanism.  The aluminum tokens are a bit smaller and allow for a deeper impression. Sample aluminum token has red microglitter pressed into the hearts.

Bracelet closes with a slide knot.

In order to complete your order, I need to know your choices.  There is no surcharge for a man’s size or anklet.
1)  Aluminum or brass token.  Aluminum is smaller and allows for deep impressions as well as red microglitter in the hearts <3.
2)  Choose either “I Matter” (with 2 hearts) or “You Matter”

3)  Choose your cord.  We have either red or black (sample on left is red) waxed poly cord in red or black OR a tri colored combo of hemp cord in red, black and green to match the enamel fill in the lettering.

4)  Size matters.  Is this for a man or to be worn as an anklet?

Once you place your order, you will receive a confirmation from me for us to discuss your customizations.  I have run a 5 star studio for 3+ years.  Customer service is of utmost importance to small business owners.

FREE shipping within the US.