Terms and Conditions

If you cancel or are a no-show, your ticket can be transferred to another event (or a friend!!!!) of your choosing within the next 30 days. Obviously weather can be a concern. We want you to be safe to paint with us another day. We will follow whatever protocol the National Weather Service puts forth, keeping in mind that weather can be nice in one county and the next one over is under tornado watch. We will be watching the weather in both Oklahoma and Canadian County.

Allergens – We do our best to provide latex free gloves. Chemicals are used in glass etching, gold leafing and paint pouring (that’s where those amazing cells come from!). Trail mix containing peanuts has been consumed on the premises. We do from time to time host pet friendly events. Service animals always welcome. Children are welcome, but keep in mind their attention span can be shorter than an adult’s attention span and they might be party to adult conversations or paintings. You are responsible to keep your children from engaging other patrons who might not be done painting (some kids will sit quietly in the chairs in the front window and play quietly with an adult’s phone, LOL). Crafty Canvas OK is alcohol/MMJ free in accordance with state laws.